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The Authentic Me

GR8ER DiVINE Connections was birthed during a time when I was broken and had lost my identity. I had no idea who I was anymore. I was lost but I went from a place of being broken and lost to a place of being unbreakable and found. I didn’t get there overnight I went through a process and that process was getting to know me through the eyes of God and not man. Things will still happen and we will still go through trials and tribulations but the difference now is we grow, go through and come out victorious because we already have the victory. GDC was created to speak life and encourage others with empowering slogans. We are what we speak and every time someone sees you with our apparel, they are not only looking at an abundant life but they are reading a prophecy of life. Join me and my team on a life long journey as we connect with the GR8ER One being divinely connected to the Vine of Christ that we will be our Authentic Self. This is not just a business this is a movement. Move With Us.

Tonya Ruffin 

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